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Online news ecosystems

The news media industry is experiencing a transformation from tightly controlled paper products to web-based services that include in-house news production, user-generated content and material from various news sources. Both the news content and the ads may be personalized to make them more relevant to individual readers. This transformation means that traditional media houses need to adopt new technology and work closer together with software providers and their own readers.

In this project the students will analyze the ecosystem of companies and consumers that collaborate to offer a modern personalized online news service. They will look at technical solutions involved, but also investigate the financial, organizational and ethical aspects of news personalization and targeted ads.

The project work is related to the Smartmedia project at IDI / NTNU and a collaboration project with Adresseavisen and Cxense. The goal of the Smartmedia project is to deliver a mobile and context aware news experience based on deep understanding of textual contents, combining both geo spatial exploration and context aware recommendations. 



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