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Study-Merger Exchange

Now that NTNU has merged with HiST, HiGjøvik or HiÅlesund we should look at how the different courses offered at all these institutions overlap or complement each other. And to make the job easier, for student exchange and collaboration, a useful IT tool should be made.

Suggested functionality for the tool, given the "study-handbook" for all of the institutions...

  • it should be possible to make a map of how the different classes depend on each other, within a specified field of study. See an example from Computer Science here:
  • A good first step in making the map could be to make a "linked version of the study-book, like here:
  • it should be possible to calculate how many percent two classes from the same or different institutions overlap with each other.
  • a scalable algorithm should be made to intelligently calculate the overlap between classes based on textual descriptions, including keywords, curriculum, bulletpoints, etc.

Suggested technology is PlantUML or GraphViz for generating the diagrams, and your programming language of choice to generate the course statistics on-demand.

If the project is continued as a Master's Project, it should be extended to cover some of the foreign universities that we have exchange agreements with as well.

The project contains elements from several disciplines, and can be done as a collaboration between two students with different specialities. The resulting system should be evaluated by the advisor and other administrative users.


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