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Decision support for emergency call centers

SmartHelp is a mobile app that enables anyone calling to the emergency call centers using a smart phone to share relevant data, so that the emergency call centers get to understand where the emergency is, what the problem is and who is calling.

Given this information the emergency call centers can use SmartDecisionSupport, SDS, to make better decisions about which emergencies to prioritize and which units to send.

Currently, SDS, is a tool visualizing the callers, but the aim is improve decision making. 

The task is to analyze and suggest possible solutions to the emergency call center decision support solution. The outcome will hopefully include some machine learning and AI methods and visualization techniques that help improve decions.

The task will be done in collaboration with the 110 call central and the startup Råd AS, which is developing SmartHelp and SDS.



Odd Erik Gundersen Odd Erik Gundersen
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