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Data Integration and recommender systems at TNS Gallup, Oslo

TNS Gallup advises clients on specific growth strategies around new market entry, innovation, brand switching and customer strategies, based on long-established expertise and market-leading solutions. With a presence in over 80 countries, TNS has more conversations with the world’s consumers than anyone else and understands individual human behaviours and attitudes across every cultural, economic and political region of the world. In Norway, TNS is the largest provider of market research and insights, with approximately one third share of the market. We work with a wide variety of large and small companies with both a local and international presence. TNS is part of Kantar, the data investment management division of WPP and one of the world's largest insight, information and consultancy groups.

We are planning to integrate our data on a big data platform and deploy recommender systems for personalized services. Our Data integration project involves the harmonization of information from two or more separate data sources into one dataset where all the variables in both databases are cross analysed. Motivated MSc candidates are offered the opportunity to do their thesis work in collaboration with TNS Gallup in a progressive and dynamic environment, where the results can directly impact and shape TNS Gallup's big data platform and services, and reach millions of users.

In general, the purpose of such an integration is to obtain an estimate of the true relationships between any two statistics, which are currently unavailable in a single-source dataset. Data integration can be achieved using demographic information between two datasets to profile matching using behaviour surrogates.

As the number of available datasets continue to increase, data integration becomes an invaluable tool in marring together various datasets to further leverage the insight we drive from them. Students can make use of some of the recommender system techniques for profile matching.

In this project the students will investigate the state of the art in data integration and develop a component for data integration on the TNS Gallup big data platform. The implementation should be done in Java, Scala or Python and make use the Apache Spark big data framework.

*Students who would like to work on their project in Oslo have opportunity to work in our office as well.

The project is supervised by Nafiseh Shabib (TNS Gallup) and Jon Atle Gulla.



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