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Accelerating Simulations with the Maxeler FPGA-based DFE (Data Flow Engine) and/or Tegra TX2/Volta

This project is for students that like to experiment with programming on new and challenging FPGA-based hardware.

HPC-Lab has gotten an Maxeller MAX3 box with 4 DFEs to play with. Maxeler has developed a genomics code for it, and we would like to find other cool codes for it that maybe also suitable for new hardware such as the NVIDIA Tegra TX1.

The student(s) selecting to work on the DFE will work closly with the HPC-Lab PhD and Post Docs as well as our collaborators from Maxeller.

The student(s) choosing to work on our new Tegra TX2 developement kit or the new NVIDIA Volta architecture, may look at snow simulations (see other project by Elster) or something related to medical and/or seismic imaging.




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