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The use of service robots in elderly care

The number of elderly who need care services is increasing in most countries. This results in new ways of organizing and delivering care services. Technology is playing an increasing role in this respect. Various types of technology such as smart house, internet of things, and tracking devices are used to provide care and enable independent living for elderly.

One such technology is robots. Robots are used e.g. for social interaction--see the Paro robot for interaction with dementia patients. Robots are also used for physical care--e.g. to lift and carry people and things. Although robots are being increasingly used in care services, we know little about their effect on people and organizations.

In this task we will investigate robots in care as a phenomenon. The candidate(s) will develop a deep understanding of what robots are, how they are defined and categorized. The candidate(s) will do a literature study on robots used in health and care, and compare this literature to literature on care models. The final report will consist of a formal systematic literature review, and a theoretical analysis part. If more than one candidate, there is also a requirement to engage with healthcare personnel who have used robots in order to conduct a limited field investigation. Knowledge of robotics is not a necessary requirement but can be useful.


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