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Mobile app: Integrated financial, energy and transport services

Transport, energy and housing represent 50% of the average household's expenses. They are also strongly interrelated. Where you live determines how much you need to commute and what transport means are available. It can mean having to buy an extra car or maybe cycling to work. The type of building also determines how much energy you will consume etc.
Together with partners from the Netherlands and Austria SINTEF is developing integrated financial, energy and transport services that will help users take better informed decisions based on personalized analyses and advice given through an app. The app will serve as an extension of banking services. Using household energy consumption data and users' moving patterns it will suggest to users how to improve their financial situation by saving money on energy and housing and choosing the right transportation means.
The app will be tested with users from three European cities, Helmond (Netherlands), Steinkjer (Norway) and Weiz (Austria).
If you feel like using your creativity and participate in shaping these services for Android, iPhone or both platforms, contact us asap.

This project will be done in collaboration with SINTEF Energy Research with 2 co-supervisors.



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