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Social Innovation platforms - Co-supervisor Ilias O. Pappas

The main objective of SOCRATIC is to facilitate a platform for the citizens and/or organisations to collaboratively identify specific innovative solutions for achieving the desired Global Sustainability Goals, as defined by United Nations. The platform will allow individuals, collectives, institutions, companies or administration:

  1. to propose new challenges oriented to solve specific sustainability issues,
  2. to invite individuals or organizations to participate with innovative ideas that solve these issues,
  3. to collectively select and implement the most promising ideas.

The Socratic project has implemented a prototype of such a platform.   The purpose of this student project (master thesis) is to develop a state of the art and state of the practice about existing social innovation platforms. To do so the candidate(s) will have to perform the following steps:

  1. Review of the literature. A State of the art document has been produced by the Socratic consortium and will serve a starting point for this activity. The activity will result in a revised state of the art document about ICT platforms for Social Innovation.
  2. Identify a set of available platforms and their characteristics. This step will be based on the literature review and other search techniques. Examples of characteristics are functionalities specific to the social innovation platforms as well as generic not functional requirements such as efficiency, portability, usability, reliability, degree of openness of the development process and the product itself.
  3. Propose an evaluation strategy of the available platforms (with focus on the open source ones and the Socratic prototype) according to the characteristics developed at step b) above.
  4. Perform the evaluation and document it.

Depending on the kind of project (15 ECTS, or 30 ECTS, or 60 ECTS) and the number of students (one or two), the candidate(s) and the supervisor(s) will agree on which of the four steps above will be prioritized.  

Co-supervisor Ilias O. Pappas <>


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