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“Information as commodity” in the Internet of Things (IoT)

Co-supervisor: Hai Thanh Nguyen (Telenor)

Information sharing has a key condition for the success of Internet of Things. In particular, from the business perspective, new revenue models rely on access to more information.
People are reluctant to share their data because of the fear that their personal information can be used in a privacy breaching and harmful way . However, increasingly more people started to conceive information as commodity.
Therefore IoT must be a perfect platform for selling and buying information. This project is about the use of IoT as a marketplace for information.
We conceive IoT as a large scale multi-agent system. The project aims to design and develop a system where agents supply and demand information, negotiate about the prices/benefits where privacy concerns are important factors. The IoT focus is on the application layer and companies and their software as stakeholders/actors. The relationships between companies (e.g., partner/competing) affect the willingness to share/sell their data to each other. Other factors as trust and previous experiences are aspects that need to be taken into account.

Bitcoin/blockchain may be functional in such a scenario.

Teleno’s IoT infrastructure will be used as a basis.



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