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Robots are commonplace in society; they perform all sorts of jobs. However, most are hard-wired to perform a few fixed tasks and have little or no ability to adapt to changing or unforseen circumstances. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enters the picture when robots must be capable of autonomous behavior in unpredictable environments. In this project, the student must utilize AI machine-learning techniques to produce a robot with adaptive capabilities.

The techniques and technologies to be explored in this project are Reinforcement Learning (RL) and Deep Neural Networks (DL) implemented in Google's Tensorflow system and running on a Raspberry Pi (the robot's processor).  The robot is a small, desktop variety used in the Programming Lab courses.

The Deep-Learning robot will perform some task typical of lab animals (i.e. rats).  That task will require the robot to make some simple decision based on visual (and possibly auditory and tactitle) input and resulting in a simple form of reinforcement (punishment or reward).  After many trials, the robot should exhibit a very basic level of learning: operant conditioning.

  IMPORTANT: If you sign up for this project, please send a) your CV (including a transcript with all of your college grades, and b) a brief explanation of WHY you want to do this particular project to Prof. Keith Downing (


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