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Bio-INSPIRED: Deep Dreaming

This project will begin by exploring Google's recent system, DeepDream, based on Tensorflow, which uses a procedure known as algorithmic pareidolia (simulated hallucination) to produce creative visual patterns based on previous visual experiences.  The essence of DeepDream will then be implemented in the student's own Tensorflow model and encapsulated within a stylish user inferface that will enable users to a) easily enter images, b) train a deep network to recognize similar images, and c) produce hallucination images corresponding to any neuron (in any layer) that the user chooses.  Other features may also be included, limited only by the student's own creativity.

IMPORTANT: If you sign up for this project, please send a) your CV (including a transcript with all of your college grades, and b) a brief explanation of WHY you want to do this particular project to Prof. Keith Downing (



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