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Medical Image Computing and Deep Learning (DL)

Several projects related to this topic are available (in collaboration with St Olavs Hospital, SINTEF Medical Technology and ISB at the MH faculty at NTNU):

  • Based on real-time Ultrasound data alone determine where on the body the ultrasound probe is positioned, adjusting the probe to get a high-quality image of the target region and annotate key structures in this region.
  • Simulating Ultrasound from MR/CT using both DL-based methods as well as more traditional approaches.
  • Brain, lung and liver tumour analysis (Ultrasound, MR and CT)
  • Segmentation of the coronary arteries from CT of the heart
  • Medical robotics, computer vision, DL and ultrasound-guided interventions
  • Additional projects related to medical image computing, i.e. detection, segmentation, registration, visualization and navigation / intervention.

The projects consist of:

  • Studying state-of-the-art solutions within the field
  • Development of prototype software
  • Testing and validation.

Contact the project provider for more details about the project. The focus of the project will be defined together with the student  It's also possible to work in groups of two.



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