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Developing data structures for industrial assets

Industrial companies typically have many physical assets such as equipment parts, sensors, turbines, plants etc. Assets also have relationships, e.g a sensor is part of a compressor which is part of a drilling platform. The goal of the asset database is to provide a single entry point for all data related to an industrial asset, such as documents (PDFs), ERP data, maintenance logs, 3D models, and timeseries sensor data. The user should also be able to answer queries such as what are all the parts of a given machine, list all my centrifugal pumps, and what equipment is situated inside a 3D bounding box.

The project is a collaboration with Cognite, a newly established company in Oslo. Cognite aims to build the leading Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data platform, enabling customers in various industries to create value from their sensor data. Their mission is to "Optimize the real world". Some traveling to Oslo may be necessary. 



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