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Decision support for managing pesticide application in agriculture

A challenge in agriculture is to manage the pesticide application in way that the application is most effective, cause least side effects and being most cost effective. Therefore a farmer has to individually answer the following questions:

  • Which combination of pesticide to choose
  • Under which weather condition to apply the pesticides
  • Time of the year to apply the pesticides

The goal of the project and master’s thesis is to develop a case-based reasoning (CBR) system that takes the farmer’s “pesticide goal” as input and recommend the combination of pesticides and a explanation on how and when to apply it.
A concrete project specification will be worked out that takes the candidates’ interests into account.

The project is suitable for 1-2 people working in a group, but can also be defined for one person.

Supervisor: Kerstin Bach and Svein-Olaf Hvasshold



Kerstin Bach Kerstin Bach
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