Slides from the info meeting

The slides from the information meeting last week are uploaded to SlideShare. Check here. If you want to see the selfie I took in the class it is here on my blog.

Starting up TDT39: Book info meeting in your calendar

Dear all, After some delay we are ready to start the course. Please book this date in your calendar for an info meeting: Time: Wednesday 14. September 14:15-15:00. Location: Room 454 at ITV. In the meanwhile please check this web…

Common issues with the research plans in TDT39

After having evaluated the submitted research plans I have tried to collect some of the most common issues that show up. I hope these can be useful for you who submitted the plans, and for future students. The candidate describes…

Where to send your PDF research plan?

Sorry for info having been left out. Please send it to baf at idi dot ntnu dot no.

New information about the course

Here is an update on a couple of issues: The research plan now has a limit of 3 pages and 1200 words. Please check the delivery page and see the template for formatting rules. You can now send your plan…

Version 1.0 of research plan can be sent to Babak for feedback, but this is not mandatory

Thanks for the Q&A session yesterday. One of the questions that came up was the situation with mid-term 1.0 version delivery. Due to large number of students I decided to make this delivery voluntary. If you wish to get feedback…

Resource page for doing literature reviews

I guess many of you are doing your literature review for project and thesis. I have tried to set up a short list of articles that can be interesting for you to read in order to help with the review…

Please reserve time for a Q&A hour

I have booked F6 for a Q&A session. I will answer questions regarding the research plan, the book and the course in general. Time: Thursday 24. September, 15:15-16:00 Location: F6 Gamle fysikk.  

Example research plan and updates to the template

I have added a link to Marte Løge’s research plan from last year. You can use this as an example. I will try to add more examples. I have also made minor updates to the research plan template. You can…

We are now 65 students taking this course

This is a new record. I am happy that so many students find the course interesting. Please follow these pages. I am planning to organize a Q&A meeting (need to find a big enough room!).