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IT3708 - Subsymbolic Methods in AI, Spring 2014

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    Project assignments and related documents will appear here. They may not all be available until later in the semester.

    Each of the 5 projects consists of one or more homework modules. Each project will consist of 20 points towards your final grade

    Project #1

    Swarm Behaviour in Webots

    Supporting Python code for Project 1

    Webots info for IT3708

    Basic Behaviors and World File

    Project #2 (consists of 2 parts):

    Part 1: Basic EA

    Part 2: Surprising Sequences

    The "notes" for lecture 5 (on EAs) are important supplementary material for this project.

    Projects # 3 and #4 (Both to be delivered at the same time. Each worth 20 points apiece.)

    3: Flatland Agent

    4: Beer Agent

    Project #5:

    Bio-Inspired Distributed Problem Solving

    Data Files (K = max number of colors for vertex coloring)

    Graph Format

    Graph 1 (K = 4) ; Graph 2 (K = 4) ; Graph 3 (K = 4) ; Graph 4 (K = 4) ; Graph 5 (K = 6) ; Graph 3 (K = 4)

    Demo Day: Dates to be announced

    VERY IMPORTANT!!! On a demonstration day, each group will present a working version of their project to the instructor and/or assistant(s). It is MUCH easier if you bring your own laptop for these demonstrations, but a few computers are available in the lab in case of emergency. You must bring a HARD COPY of your project report to the demo session, as we need to be able to look at it while we view your demo. The demos will be done in (or near) room 308 in IT-Vest, so meet up there at (or preferably a few minutes before) your scheduled time. If you miss your demo time, you won't be getting credit for this project.

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