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IT3708 - Subsymbolic Methods in AI, Spring 2014

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    The curriculum includes the book "Bio-Inspired AI" (Floreano and Mattiussi) together with course handouts and the course slides. This book is ordered for all students and should be available at Tapir. Under each lecture you will find links to the the slides together with the main curriculum material. Further, additional reading where relevant, will be marked as such. Such reading is not part of the course material (pensum) but provides further explanation of concepts presented and/or further concepts that are related to the lecture material. The other books, listed below, may be regarded as further additional reading.


    Dario Floreano and Claudio Mattiussi(2008)

    Bio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence

    ISBN: 978-0-262-06271-8

    MIT Press

    Nice Integrated Intro

    Kenneth De Jong(2006)

    Evolutionary Computation: A Unified Approach

    ISBN: 978- 0-262-04194-2

    MIT Press

    Broad Intro to Many ANNs

    Robert Callan(1998)

    The Essence of Neural Networks

    ISBN: 013908732X


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