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Exercise of TDT4242


All the exercises are required and should have:

tdt4242 Groups number and Exercise number in Title. such as "tdt4242 Group3 Exercise3".

And Group number, Exercise number ,names and e-mail address on all members in the email text and PDF. Send the exercise to deak@idi.ntnu.no.

The course has three large exercises. The two first exercises give up to 10 points each, while the last exercise gives up to 30 points of the final grade.

Exercise number

Start time



Exercise 1

16 Jan

05 Feb

 Goals extra info.ppt

Exercise 2

06 Feb

05 March


Exercise 3

06 March

17 April

Socam.zip and Systemforvedlikeholdavbilsoftware.docx and Setup.pdf READ THIS

Voluntary exercises 

Exercise number


Exercise 1


Exercise 2


Exercise 3


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