TDT4255 Computer Design

TDT4255 Computer Design is a thorough review of processor design. We cover various processor implementations ranging from simple single- and multi-cycle processors via a pipelined processor to advanced out-of-order and speculative processors. The students are given hands-on experience of processor design through the exercises. Here, the students design and implement their own processor in an FPGA using VHDL. The teaching language is English.

TDT4255 Computer Design is complementary to TDT4260 Computer Architecture, and following both these courses gives the necessary knowledge to work with both low-level implementation as well as reason about higher level design decisions.

Note: Most of the information for the course will be distributed through it's learning

Lecture Timeslots 2015

  • Lecture: Wednesdays 1015 - 1200 in R54
  • Lab: Tuesdays 0815 - 1000 in F3


The final grade is calculated as follows:

  • Final exam (60%)
  • Exercise 1 (20%)
  • Exercise 2 (20%)

For each exercise, 60% of the marks are awarded based on the delivered report and 40% are based on the quality of the implementation. Quality of implementation covers the design, how well the code is structured, quality of test benches, etc.


2015/08/13 14:13, Donn Morrison