Lab hours with assistance:

Week 12-13: Ekskursjon – Påskeferie

Week 14: Thursday - Friday

Week 15: Monday - Tuesday

Week 16: Monday - Tuesday

Week 17: Monday - Tuesday

Deadline: Friday 26th April kl. 12.00

Lab Groups



Note on Exercise 2: some libraries are now slightly different from the description in the compendium (check the slides for Exercise 2). For that reason, when you declare and use variables for Power Management and ABDAC, you have to change it as follows.

Power Management to be used by ABDAC:

volatile avr32_pm_t *sm = &AVR32_PM (instead of Volatile avr32_sm_t *sm = &AVR32_SM)

sm→gcctrl … (instead of sm→pm_gcctrl)


volatile avr32_abdac_t *dac = AVR32_ABDAC (instead of Volatile avr32_dac_t *dac = AVR32_DAC)

How to Write a Report

The report must be written in English and it has to contain at least the following sections: Abstract, Introduction, Description and Methodology (describe your work step by step), Results and Tests, Evaluation of assignment, Conclusion, Acknowledgements (optional), References. The report has to be submitted through It’s Learning together with the code.

Useful Files

Linux STK1000

  • uboot.bin (on It's Learning)
  • linux- (on It's Learning)
  • guidelines for relocating bsp (on It's Learning)
  • guidelines for exercise 3 (on It's Learning)

Exercise Files

  • Exercise 1 Deadline 15/02/2013 kl. 12:00 on It's Learning
  • Exercise 2 Deadline 15/03/2013 kl. 12:00 on It's Learning
  • Exercise 3 Deadline 26/04/2013 kl. 12:00 on It's Learning (you need to download also the files in the section LINUX STK1000)

Please read carefully the documentation regarding sleep levels before using the sleep function on avr32. If you use «deep sleep levels», it may happen that the board will become unusable (unless reprogrammed) and you may not be able to awake the microprocessor, even with interrupts.

2013/03/18 15:19, Stefano Nichele