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  • Assignments (2014)

    There is one obligatory assignment for this course. You will be given a take-home assignment and 1-2 weeks to solve it.

    Old exercise from 2009 on the main page

    Dere får 1 uke å jobbe med oppgaven før muntlig eksamen den 3. desember.

    Obligatory Modeling Assignment 2014

    Exercise 1.
    Build an RDF(S) ontology of your own interests and hobbies.
    It may include sports, cultural interests, politics, and any other activity that you like to spend your time on. Make sure that the ontology captures taxonomic relations and describe commonalities and differences across your interests. Also try to model characteristic properties of each interest.
    The ontology should not exceed 30 classes and 30 instances. The modeling language should be Turtle or a similar syntax. You can use any modeling software.

    Exercise 2.
    Describe in English the interests that you have modeled in Exercise 1. Every aspect of the ontology should be explained in the text.

    Exercise 3.
    Formulate two SPARQL queries that demonstrate how you can

    • retrieve interests that are very different from your other interests
    • figure out which interests are most similar
    Send the final answer (RDF-file and text document) by email to satre@idi.ntnu.no and jag@idi.ntnu.no by 0800 on December 3rd.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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