Dr Erlend Tøssebro

Monday 9th of September 2002 Erlend Tøssebro defended his thesis "Representing uncertainty in spatial and spatiotemporal databases" for the degree of dr.ing. (PhD). Supervisor: Professor Mads Nygaard. The committee: Professor Christian S. Jensen, Aalborg University, Denmark, Professor Michael F. Warboys, Keele University, England, and Professor Kjell Bratbergsengen, NTNU. Click on the photos to see bigger versions. Photos: Heri Ramampiaro, Mads Nygaard and Roger Midtstraum. Web design: Roger Midtstraum.

30 minutes to go and Erlend still hadn't got on his defence armor:-)

Mads Nygaard opened the show

The comittee at work. From the left to the right: Warboys, Jenssen, Bratbergsengen and Nygaard.

Rather Cool

A fishing story??

Making an important point

From the comittee's perspective

The audience

Deep concentration

Christian S. Jenssen

Michael F. Warboys

Let me check in the text

Kjell Bratbergsengen

Dr Tøssebro

Flowers from the University

Christian S. Jenssen read from the evaluation report

Dinner at Grenaderen

Erlend with his father and mother

Sist endret 10. september 2002