DB group

Research Strategy

The Data and Information Management group is already recognized as one of the top groups in Europe in the area of database management. In addition, the group has played an important role in the emergence of the international digital library domain. The strategic objective of the Data and Information Management group is to further increase our standing in this area, while also increasing our visibility in the area of information retrieval.

Core Strategy

The quality of a research group can be judged in several dimensions, and we emphasize the following:

  • Quality and amount of publications in top conferences and journals.
  • PhD production in terms of number and quality of PhDs.
  • Innovation, i.e., industry impact, including patents and spin-offs from research work.
  • Visibility, including participation in program committees, editorial boards, and evaluation committees.

Action Points

The strategy to achieve this is described in the action points below.


  • Continued focus on the research areas where we have a proven track record and publications within the top venues.

PhD production

  • Recruitment of qualified and motivated PhD students.
  • Further emphasis on social environment and to have a sufficient number of students within each main research topic in order to gain synergy effects.


  • Continue the focus on research problems which are relevant for industry, both for local and international business.


  • Increase research cooperation with research groups already recognized as being among the best, and use our ex-postdocs for increasing network.
  • Increase visibility by participating in program committees and editorial boards of the best conferences and journals.
  • Increase cooperation with relevant institutions and companies in order to both achieve funding for research as well as identifying new research problems.

Funding and human resources

  • Increase participation in externally funded research projects such as EU-projects to increase our international cooperation and research activities, as well as increase funding for PhD students and postdocs.