Here is a list of public documents related to the BUCS-project:

Title Author(s) Comments Link
BUCS application Tor Stålhane and Dag Sjøberg This was the application that was sent to the Research Council of Norway PDF 233K
Why BUCS? Tor Stålhane A clarification of the BUCS project targets DOC 33K
BUCS rapport - Intervju med utvalgte norske bedrifter omkring utvikling av forretningskritiske systemer. Tor Stålhane, Per Trygve Myhrer,Torgrim Lauritsen, Jon Arvid Børretzen Report from interviews with some norwegian IT-companies about business-critical systems DOC 61K
Software System Safety - Nancy G. Leveson Per Trygve Myhrer and Torgrim Lauritsen Account of the seminar 'System Safety for Software-intensive Systems' held in Stockholm 20/08-03 - 21/08-03 DOC 148K
Safety Case - Why, what and how. Jon Arvid Børretzen Presentation of the (Software) Safety Case method PPT 138K
BUCS - Utfordringer og valg av fokus Tor Stålhane Presentation for discussion meeting PPT 94K
BUCS - Utfordringer og valg av fokus Additional comments to slides DOC 27K
BUCS seminar om Hazop og UML Torgrim Lauritsen Presentation about UML and safety-critical techniques PPT 524K
Intent Specification and SpecTRM Per Trygve Myhrer Presentation about Intent Specification and the SpecTRM tool PPT 575K
A User-Oriented Software Reliability Model Per Trygve Myhrer Presentation about a Software Reliability Model using Markov Models PPT 86K

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