DT8100: Object-Oriented Systems
Institutt for datateknikk og informasjonsvitenskap (IDI)
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Dr.ing. course DT8100 (prev. 78901 / 45942 / DIF8901)
Object-oriented Systems, 7.5 Study points (12 h/week)

Course Orientation, Spring 2009

1. General information

Professor Reidar Conradi, IDI, room IT-102, Tel. +47 73.593444, Fax. -4466, mobil 918.97029.
Wednesdays in room IT-054, 16:15-18:00 from 11.2.
First Wednesday in room IT-354 at 15:15-17:00 on 4.2.
Web Site:
Formally 2 hours per week, but none scheduled.
A theory essay of 10-12 pages (40 hours of work) must be written before the exam; topic after agreement. Counts 1/4 of total mark. Decide topic before Wed 11. Feb.; finished by Wed 29. April. See the course website for old essays (sec. 8 below).
Oral, xx Aug., 2009, after agreement.
A preliminary pensum list has been made, and the material printed in a Compendium (ask IDI office).
A final pensum list will, if needed, be issued Wed 29 April.
Please respect the IDI office opening times 12:15-15:00.
Slide copies:
Where the slides are not in the Compendium (most are not), slides copies will be given out at the lectures or can be fetched from the responsibles for each topic. They are/will also be available at the course website (sec. 7 below).
Intention of the course:
The course shall give an introduction to theory, methods, formalisms, and applications of object-oriented systems.
Added 2003 focus: component-based development/COTS.

2. Possible participants

0. ( reidar.conradi@idi.ntnu.no)
1. guohong@idi.ntnu.no (Hong Guo), Essay: "On The Purpose of Software Reuse - A review of Software Reuse Techniques", 12 p. (.pdf -- 139 KB)
2. zhumeng@idi.ntnu.no (Meng Zhu), Essay: "COTS Approaches in Video Game Development: An Empirical Discussion", 12 p. (.pdf -- 250 KB)

3. Pensum literature

All 32 curriculum papers stand in the Compendium, and all are available as .pdf-files. There are 23 papers retained from the 2003 curriculum, while 9 have been added in 2005.

The starred parts (*) are not curriculum and not printed in the Compendium. However, 11 "old" papers are available as .pdf-files for your convenience. The Compendium also includes non-curriculum (starred) slides for R1a (58 slides on the REBOOT project, also available as an .ps-file).

Slides made in conjunction with the course will be made available incrementally, and also put on the course web site (sec. 7 below).

Historical note: In 2003: R19-R25 were added. In 2005: A6-A10, T6, and R26-R30 were added; and similar amounts of stuff were each time taken out (starred). In 2007: A11-A12 and R31-R32 were added, R28-R29 were updated, while A9, A10, R9, R12 and R20 were taken out (starred).

3.1 Principles and Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming

P1 Oscar Nierstrasz   Survey of Object-Oriented Concepts (.pdf) In [KL89], pp. 3-21. 19 p.

Sum for P1: 19 p.

3.2 Analysis, design and testing of Object-Oriented Systems - Examples

A1 George Wilkie Object-Oriented Software Engineering - The Professional Developer's Guide (on OMG's OOA/OOD proposal) Addison-Wesley 1993, 399 p. (Only Ch. 4: pp. 68-163, except 107-131 og 145-153). *62 p.
A2 Geir Magne Høydalsvik, Guttorm Sindre On the Purpose of Object-Oriented Analysis (.pdf) Proc. OOPSLA'93, 26. Sep. - 1. Oct., 1993, Washington DC, USA. In ACM SIGPLAN Notices, 28(10):240-255, Oct. 1993. 16 p.
A3 Victor R. Basili, Lionel C. Briand, Walcélio L. Melo A Validation of Object-Oriented Design Metrics as Quality Indicators (.pdf) IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering, 22(10):751-761, Oct. 1996 (upgraded from IEEE Metrics'96 paper, pp. 90-99). *11 p.
A4 Paul C. Jorgensen, Carl Erickson Object-Oriented Integration testing (.pdf) CACM, 37(9):30-38, Sept. 1994. 9 p.
A5 Arne D. Halvorsen Patterns - Hva er patterns og hvordan kan vi dra nytte av dem? Computas, interne foiler, 1998 *28 p.
A6 Lionel C. Briand, Jürgen Würst Empirical Studies of Quality Models in Object-Oriented Systems (.pdf) . See http://www.sce.carleton.ca/faculty/briand/ pubs/BriandWuest-AdvancesComputer.pdf Advances in Computers, Vol. 59, pp. 97-166, 2002. *46 p.
A7 Ignatios S. Deligiannis, Martin Shepperd, Steve Webster, Manos Roumeliotis A Review of Experimental Investigations into Object-Oriented Technology (.pdf) . See http://www.kluweronline.com/ article.asp?PIPS=3D5091805 or http://dec.bournemouth.ac.uk/ESERG/ Technical_Reports/TR02-05/TR02-05.pdf Empirical Software Engineering, 7(3):193-232, 2002. 39 p.
A8 Stephen G. Eick, Todd L. Graves, Alan F. Karr, J. S. Marron, Audris Mockus Does Code Decay? Assessing the evidence from Change Management Data (.pdf) . See http://csdl2.computer.org/dl/ trans/ts/2001/01/e0001.pdf IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering, 27(1):1-12, Jan. 2001. *12 p.
A9 Erik Arisholm, Dag I. K. Sjøberg Evaluating the Effect of a Delegated versus Centralized Control Style on the Maintainability of Object-Oriented Software (.pdf) . See http://csdl2.computer.org/dl/ trans/ts/2004/08/e0521.pdf IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering, 30(8):521-534, Aug. 2004. *14 p.
A10 Aleksandra Tesanovic What is a pattern? (.pdf) Internal course note at Linköping University, Sweden, 2004. *13 p.
A11 Norman E. Fenton and Niclasd Ohlsson Quantitative analysis of faults and failures in a complex software system (.pdf) IEEE Trans. Software Engineering, 26(8):797-814, 2000. 18 p.
A12 Yashwant K. Malaiya and Jason Denton Module size distribution and defect density (.pdf) Proc. 11th International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISRE-00), p. 62-71, 2000. 10 p.

Sum for A2,A4,A7,A11-A12: 92 p.

3.3 Object-Oriented Languages and Systems

L1 Bent B. Kristensen, Ole L. Madsen, Birger Møller-Pedersen, Kristen Nygaard The BETA Programming Language In [SW87], pp. 7-48. *42 p.
L2 David Ungar, Randall B. Smith SELF - The Power of Simplicity (.pdf) Proc. OOPSLA'87, pp. 227-242. *16 p.

Sum here: 0 p.

3.4 Theory of OO Systems - Types and Inheritance

T1 Peter Wegner Dimensions of Object-Based Language design (.pdf) Proc. OOPSLA'87, pp. 168-182. *15 p.
T2 Ole Lehrmann Madsen, Birger Møller-Pedersen Virtual Classes: A Powerful Mechanism in Object-Oriented Programming (.pdf) Proc. OOPSLA'89, pp. 397-406.  10 p.
T3 Lynn A. Stein, Henry Lieberman, David Ungar A Shared View of Sharing: The Treaty of Orlando (.pdf) In [KL89], pp. 31-48. 18 p.
T4 Lynn A. Stein A Unified Methodology for Object-oriented Programming In [LNS91] *12 p.
T5 Pattie Maes Concepts and Experiments in Computational Reflection (.pdf) OOPSLA'87, pp. 147-155 (best paper). 9 p.
T6 Gregor Kiczales, John Lamping, Anurag Mendhekar, Chris Maeda, Cristina Videira Lopes, Jean-Marc Loingtier, John Irwin Aspect-Oriented Programming (.pdf) (http://www2.parc.com/csl/groups/sda/ publications/papers/Kiczales-ECOOP97/
Proc. 11th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP'97), Jyväskylä, Finland, 9-13 June 1997, LNCS 1241, Springer-Verlag, pp. 220-242. 24 p.

Sum for T2,T3,T5,T6: 61 p.

3.5 Component-based Software Development, Reuse and Software Architecture

R1 Guttorm Sindre, Reidar Conradi, Even-André Karlson The REBOOT Approach to Software Reuse (.pdf) Journal of Systems and Software, 30(3):201-212, Sept. 1995 (here formatted as 17 p.). 12 p.
R1a Jean-Marc Morel et al. REBOOT: Reuse Based on Object Oriented Technologies (slides as .ps)   (slides as .pdf) Int'l Workshop on Software Reuse, Brussel, 8 June 1994 (58 slides). *58 sl.
R2 Wayne C. Lim Effect of Reuse on Quality, Productivity and Economics (.pdf) IEEE Software, 11(5):23-30, Sept./Oct. 1994, (best paper in 1994). 8 p.
R3 Harry N. Sneed, Software Engineering Services Planning the Reengineering of Legacy Systems (.pdf) IEEE Software, 12(1):24-34, Jan. 1995. 11 p.
R4 David Garlan, Robert Allen, John Ockerbloom Architectural Technology: Why Reuse is So Hard (.pdf) IEEE Software, 12(6):17-26, Nov./Dec. 1995. *10 p.
R5 Tara Ragan, Donald J. Reifer Adding Product Lines, Architectures and Software Reuse to the Software Acquisition Capability Maturity Model (SA-CMM) (.asp) Crosstalk, May 1998. *7 p.
R6 Donald J. Reifer, Tara Ragan, G. E. Kalb COTS Software Management: Taming the Beast April 1999, Proc. Acquisition Management Conference, Defense Systems Management College, Fort Belvoir, VA. *5 p.
R7 Danill Yakimovich, James M. Bieman, Victor R. Basili Software architecture classification for estimating the cost of COTS integration (.pdf) Proc. 21st Int'l Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE'99), Los Angeles, USA, 16-22 May 1999, pp. 296-302. 7 p.
R8 Maurizio Morisio, Carolyn B. Seaman, Amy T. Parra, Victor R. Basili, Steve E. Kraft, Steven E. Condon Investigating and Improving a COTS-Based Software Development Process (.pdf) Proc. 22nd Int'l Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE'2000), 4-11 June 1999, Limerick, pp. 32-41. 10 p.
R9 William B. Frakes, Christopher J. Fox Sixteen Questions About Software Reuse (.pdf) CACM, 38(6):75-87, June 1995. *13 p.
R10 Wojtek Kozaczynski, Grady Booch Component-Based Software Engineering (.pdf) IEEE Software, 15(5):37-46, Sept./Oct. 1998. *10 p.
R11 David J. Carney, Patricia A. Oberndorf The Commandments of COTS: Still in Search of the Promised Land Crosstalk, The Journal of Defense Software Engineering, 10(5):25-30, May 1997. *6 p.
R12 Bruce H. Barnes, Terry B. Bollinger Making Reuse Cost-Effective (.pdf) IEEE Software, 8(1):13-24, Jan./Feb. 1991. *12 p.
R13 Jeffrey S. Poulin Populating Software Repositories: Incentives and Domain-Specific Software (.pdf) Journal of Systems and Software, 1995:30, pp. 187-199. 13 p.
R14 John Favaro A Comparison of Approaches to Reuse Investment Analysis (.pdf) Proc. Fourth Int'l Conference on Software Reuse (ICSR'96), Orlando, FL, USA, 23-26 April 1996, IEEE-CS Press, pp. 136-145. 10 p.
R15 Danielle Fafchamps Organizational Factors and Reuse (.pdf) IEEE Software, 11(5):31-41, Sept./Oct. 1994. 11 p.
R16 Maurizio Morisio, Michel Ezran, Colin Tully Success and Failure Factors in Software Reuse (.pdf) IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering, 28(4):340-357, April 2002 (prev. at Symposium on Software Reuse, SSR'99). With extra comments from IEEE TSE, May 2003, pp. 474-478. 18 p. + *5 p.
R17 Erik Arisholm, Jon Skandsen, Knut Sagli, Dag I.K. Sjøberg Improving an Evolutionary Development Process - A Case Study Proc. European Software Process Improvement Conference 1999 (EuroSPI'99), Pori, Finland, pp. 9.40-9.50. *11 p.
R18 Barry W. Boehm Value-Based Feedback in Software/IT Systems (keynote on COCOMO II) (.pdf) At FEAST / ProSim / SOCE '2000 workshops, 12 July 2000, Imperial College, London, 38 slides. See http://www-dse.doc.ic.ac.uk/ s  mml/f2000/pdf/ boehm_keynote.pdf. *38 sl.
R19 Victor R. Basili, Barry Boehm COTS-Based Systems Top 10 List (.pdf) IEEE Computer, 34(5):91-93, May/June 2001. 3 p.
R20 Pearl Brereton, David Budgen Component-Based Systems: A Classification of Issues (.pdf) IEEE Computer, 33(11):54-62, Nov. 2000. *9 p.
R21 Alan W. Brown, Kurt C. Wallnau The Current State of CBSE (.pdf) IEEE Software, 15(5):37-46, Sep./Oct. 1998. 10 p.
R22 Ralph E. Johnson Frameworks=(Components+Patterns) (.pdf) CACM, 40(10):39-42, Oct. 1997. 4 p.
R23 Nenad Medvidovic, David S. Rosenblum, David F. Redmiles, Jason E. Robbins Modeling Software Architectures in the Unified Modeling Language (.pdf) ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology, 11(1):2-57, Jan. 2002. *56 p.
R24 Marco Torchiano, Letizia Jaccheri Assessment of Reusable COTS Attributes (.pdf) Proc. 2nd Int'l Conference on COTS Based Software Systems (ICCBSS'2003), Ottawa, Canada, February 10-12, 2003, pp. 219-228. *10 p.
R25 Parastoo Mohagheghi, Reidar Conradi Experiences with certification of reusable components in the GSN project in Erisson, Norway (.pdf) Proc. 4th ICSE Workshop on Component-Based Software Engineering, Toronto, 14-15 May 2001, at ICSE'2001, pp. 27-31. *5 p.
R26 Parastoo Mohagheghi, Reidar Conradi, Ole M. Killi, Henrik Schwarz An Empirical Study of Software Reuse vs. Defect Density and Stability (.pdf) Proc. 26th Int'l Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE'2004), 23-28 May 2004, Edinburgh, Scotland, pp. 282-291, IEEE-CS Press Order Number P2163. (The paper received one of the five Distinguished Paper Awards at the conference.) 10 p.
R27 Marco Torchiano, Maurizio Morisio Overlooked Aspects of COTS-based Development (.pdf) IEEE Software, 21(2):88-93, March/April 2004. 6 p.
R28 Jingyue Li, Finn Olav Bjørnson, Reidar Conradi, Vigdis By Kampenes An Empirical Study of Variations in COTS-based Software Development Processes in Norwegian IT Industry (.pdf) Journal of Empirical Software Engineering, 11(3):433-461, 2006 (selected papers from IEEE Metrics'04). 29 p.
R29 Jingyue Li, Reidar Conradi, Jingyue Li, Reidar Conradi, Odd Petter N. Slyngstad, Christian Bunse, Umair Khan, Marco Torchiano, and Maurizio Morisio Validation of New Theses on OTS-Based Development (.pdf) Filippo Lanubile and Carolyn Seaman (Eds.): Proc. 11th IEEE International Software Metrics Symposium (Metrics'05), Como, Italy, 19-22 Sept. 2005, 10 p. IEEE CS Press, ISBN 0-7695-2371-4. 10 p.
R30 Jan Bosch Product-line architectures in industry: a case study (.pdf) Proc. 21st Int'l Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE'99), 16-22 May 1999, Los Angeles, USA, IEEE-CS Press, pp. 544-554. 11 p.
R31 Richard W. Selby Enabling reuse-based software development of large-scale systems (.pdf) IEEE Trans. SE, 31(6):495-510, June 2005. 16 p.
R32 Anita Gupta, Ole Petter N. Slyngstad, Reidar Conradi, Parastoo Mohagheghi, Harald Rønneberg, and Einar Landre A Case Study of Defect-Density and Change-Density and their Progress over Time (.pdf) Proc. 11th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering (CSMR'07), 21-23 March 2007, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 10 p. 10 p.

Sum for R1-R3, R7-R8, R13-R16, R19, R21-R22, R26-R32 (19 papers): 209p.

3.6 Concurrency and Distribution in OO Systems

C1 Chris Tomlinson, Mark Scheevel Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming In [KL89] *46 p.

Sum her: 0 p.

See also other courses here regarding CORBA etc.

3.7 Object-Oriented Databases

D1 David Maier, Stanley B. Zdonik Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Databases In [ZM90] *32 p.
D2 Won Kim Object-Oriented Databases: Definitions and Research Directions IEEE Trans. on KDE, Sept. 1990 (invited paper). *15 p.
D3 Malcolm Atkinson, François Bancilhon, David deWitt, Klaus Dittrich, David Maier, Stanley Zdonik The Object-Oriented Database System Manifesto (.pdf) Proc. DOOD'89, 4-6 Dec. 1989, Kyoto, Japan, pp. 223-240. 18 p.
D4 Michael Stonebraker, Lawrence A. Rowe, Bruce Lindsay, James Gray, Michael Carey, Michael Brodie, Philip Bernstein, David Beech Third-Generation Database Manifesto (.pdf) ACM SIGMOD Record, 19(3)31-44, Sept. 1990. 14 p.

Sum for D3,D4: 32 p.

Total number of pages in curriculum:
413 pages in 31 papers, plus further slides at lectures.

4. General References

François Bancilhon and Peter Buneman (Eds.), Advances in Database Programming Languages, Addison-Wesley and ACM Press Frontier Series, 1990, 457 p.
Won Kim and Frederick H. Lochovsky (Eds.), Object-Oriented Concepts, Databases and Applications. Addison-Wesley and ACM Press Frontier Series, September 1989, 602 p.
Maurizio Lenzerini, Daniele Nardi, and Maria Simi (Eds.), Inheritance Hierarchies in Knowledge Representation and Programming Languages, John Wiley, 1991, 310 p.
Edited Proceedings from Workshop on Inheritance and Hierarchies in Knowledge Representation and Programming Languages, Viareggio, Italy, February, 1989.
Bruce Shriever and Peter Wegner (Eds.), Research Directions in Object-Oriented Programming, MIT Press 1987, 585 p.
Stanley B. Zdonik and David Maier (Eds.), Readings in Object-Oriented Database Systems, The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc., San Mateo, CA, 1990, 629 p. ISBN 1-55860-000-0, ISSN 1046-1698.

5. General support literature

Gordon Blair, John Gallagher, David Hutchinson and Doug Sheperd (Eds.):
Object-Oriented Languages, Systems and Applications. Pitman Publishing, 1991, 371 p.
Miscellaneous conferences and journals:
OOPSLA, VLDB, ACM SIGMOD, ACM SIGSOFT/FSE, ICSE, UML, COTS, CBSE ... plus journals like Journal of OO Programming, CACM, IEEE TSE, EMSE, ...
Various monographs, e.g. as Springer Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science, on ACM and IEEE-CS press, ...

6. Preliminary plan for the colloquia

There are totally 32 papers. All slides are installed, per 3 Feb. 2009.

Date Topic Pensum part (responsible)
Wed 4.2 REBOOT R1 (missing), R1a (Reidar)
Wed 11.2 Survey of OO Concepts,
P1, R3 (Hong)
Wed 18.2 OOA, OOT, Aspects A2, A4, T6 (Meng)
Wed 25.2 Sharing, Reflection T2, T3, T5 (Reidar)
Wed 4.3 Reuse / comp.based sw eng. I R2, R4, R7 (Hong)
Wed 11.3 Reuse etc. II R8, R13, R14 (Meng)
Wed 18.3 Reuse etc. III R15, R16, R22 (Reidar)
Wed 25.3 Reuse etc. IV R19, R21, R27 (Hong)
Wed 1.4 Reuse etc. V R28, R29 (Meng)
(Wed 8.4) Easter vacation - (ALL)
Wed 15.4 OO Empirical studies A7 (Reidar)
Wed 22.4 (OO) Empirical studies II R26, R31, R32 (Hong)
Wed 29.4 Change/fault studies, product lines A11, A12, R30 (Meng)
Wed 6.5 OODB general vs. DBMS D3, D4 (Reidar)
Wed 6.5 Misc. topics, final questions whole curriculum (ALL)

"Pensum part" refers to the curriculum list above.

The course will be arranged as a colloquium, due to the teaching load of prof. Conradi.

The responsible person for each pensum part must prepare presentation slides, copy them before each lecture/colloquium, and send the .ppt-file to Reidar Conradi (conradi@idi.ntnu.no). You may have to contact the course responsible for possible slides from previous years, but most are available on the web site.

And write in English!

Exam is on xx Aug. 2009, oral.

7. Supplementary literature: slides

Presentations 2001:


a05-halvorsen.txt (empty)






Presentations 2003:




r01.pdf, r01-reboot-rev94.doc (old framemaker format!)
r12.txt (empty)
r24.txt (empty)



Planned new presentations 2005:

a02-hoydalsvik93.pdf (try use original from 1993?)

a07-deligiannis02.ppt (must be made; OK)
a09-arisholm04.ppt (must be made - omitted in 2007)

t06-kiczales97.ppt (must be made?)

r12-barnes91.ppt (must be made; omitted in 2007)
r26-mohagheghi04.ppt (must be made - ask Parastoo!)
r27-torchiano04.ppt (must be made - ask Marco?)
r28-li04.ppt (must be made - ask Li!)
r29-li05.ppt (must be made - ask Li?)
r30-bosch99.ppt (must be made - ask Jan Bosch?)

Planned new presentations 2007:

For: A11 (Fenton), A12 (Malaiya), R31 (Selby), R32 (ask Anita Gupta).

8. Supplementary literature: essays

Essays 2001:

essay2001-aasmund.pdf   (Åsmund Tjora: Object-Oriented Real-Time Systems)

essay2001-parastoo.doc   (Parastoo Mohagheghi: Experiences with certification of reusable components in the GSN project in Erisson, Norway)

essay2001-trond.pdf   essay2001-trond.ps   (Trond Aalberg: Objektorienterte databaser)

essay2001-calle.pdf   essay2001-calle.doc   (Carl-Fredrik Sørensen: A Comparison of Distributed Object Technologies)

Essays 2003:

essay2003-fritjof.pdf:   (Title: Object Oriented Principles in a telecom service framework, Author: Fritjof Boger Engelhardtsen, fritjof@item.ntnu.no)

essay2003-haoding.pdf:   (Title: Challengs in Building Semantic Interoperable Digital Library System, Author: Hao Ding, haowing@idi.ntnu.no)

essay2003-Jeanine.pdf:   (Title: Object Orientation in Digital Libraries, Author:Jeanine Lilleng, Jeanine.Lilleng@idi.ntnu.no)

essay2003-Jianyun.pdf:   (Title: Shorter Time-to-market: Component-based Architecture and Object-Oriented design for Complex Web Applications,
      Author: Jianyun Zhou, Jianyun.Zhou@idi.ntnu.no.

essay2003-Jingyue.pdf:   (Title: A survey on Reuse: Research Fields and Challenges, Author: Jingyue Li, jingyue@idi.ntu.no).

essay2003-sampson.pdf:   (Title: Raising the level of abstraction: On the application of UML for multiagent systems design,
      Author: JJ Sampson, Jennifer.Sampson@idi.ntnu.no).

essay2003-Jonny.pdf:   (Title: Object-Oriented Integration of Product and Simulation Model in the Building Industry, using Object-Oriented Databases,
      Author:Johnny Holst, Johnny.Holst@maskin.ntu.no).

essay2003-Magnes.pdf:   (Title: Reuse through Software Product Families, Author: Magne Syrstad, syrstad@idi.ntnu.no).

essay2003-Simon.pdf:   (Title: Object Orientation and Artificial Intelligence, Author: Simon Thoresen, simonthoresen@hotmail.com).

essay2003-Susmit.pdf:   (Title: Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming and Anomalies, Author: Susmit Bagchi, Susmit.Bagchi@idi.ntnu.no).

essay2003-Berntsen.pdf:   (Title: Software development and reuse, an issue of both technology and people,
      Author: Kirsti Elisabeth Berntsen, Kirsti.Elisabeth.Berntsen@idi.ntnu.no).

essay2003-Sven.doc:   (Title: Using reuse to develop quality Web-application on time, Author: Sven Ziemer, sven.ziemer@idi.ntnu.no).

essay2003-thomas.pdf:   (Title: Aspect-Oriented Programming - An Object-Oriented Extension, Author: Thomas Osterlie, thomasos@idi.ntnu.no).

Essays 2005:

1. anitaash@idi.ntnu.no (Anita Gupta), Essay: "Software evolution in object-oriented systems: An overview of different empirical study techniques"
2. oslyngst@idi.ntnu.no (Odd Petter Nord Slyngstad), Essay:"Development for reuse in Object-Oriented Systems"
3. borretze@idi.ntnu.no (Jon Arvid Børretzen), Essay: "The impact of component-based development on software quality attributes."
4. pertm@idi.ntnu.no (Per Trygve Myhrer), Essay:"Hazard analysis with Object oriented programming for Business critical software"
5. torgriml@idi.ntnu.no (Torgrim Lauritsen), Essay: "Safety analysis of Object-Oriented software"
6. jakobsve@idi.ntnu.no (Jakob Sverre Løvstad), Essay: "Reuse of component specifications for analytic performance modelling"
7. Trond.Schjelderup.Hegdahl@idi.ntnu.no (Trond Hegdahl): no essay.
8. zaga@tiscali.it (Giuseppe Zagarrio), Essay:"Rapid Software Development Methodologies"
9. pix@polilesi.net (Alberto Picinardi), Essay: "A new professional figure: Object Oriented Designer"
10. embyte@madlab.it (Marco Balduzzi), Essay: "On the influence of Free Software on code reuse in software development"
11. ivar@ongx.org (Ivar Jørstad), Essay: "Analysis and Design Methodologies for (Future) Mobile Services"

Essays in 2007:

1. "Use of COTS software in safety-critical systems"
2. trondheg@idi.ntnu.no (Trond Schjelderup Hegdahl, "Object Orientation and Natural Languages"
3. ottohelg@idi.ntnu.no (Otto Helge Nygård), Essay: "Adopting to changing software requirements - component-based technologies for end user development??", utsatt eksamen.
4. houeland@idi.ntnu.no (Tor Gunnar Høst Houeland - trukket seg),Essay: "Houeland-essay"
5. vidarsl@stud.ntnu.no (Vidar Slåtten - trukket seg), Essay: "Slåtten-essay"

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