ECOSS, Experience and Challenges with Open Source Software

This is a PhD fellowship research project at IDI, NTNU in 2010-2014.

The fellowship is associated with a research project at NTNU called ECOSS - Experience and Challenges with Open Source Software (OSS) - The purpose is to identify methodological challenges and revised guidelines for supporting adoption of open source software (OSS) in Norwegian, software-intensive companies. The research approaches should be interdisciplinary and empirically based on real-life case studies, with a longitudinal contact between researchers and practitioners. A broad network of national companies and international research colleagues will be mobilized. Applicants with relevant industrial experience or background in empirical research methods will be preferred.

Responsible: professor Reidar Conradi,
email:, Office: +47 735.93444, mobile: +47 918.97029.

Co-responsible: postdoc Daniela Soares Cruzes,
email:, Office: +47 735.94489, Mobile: +47 942.49891.

Deadline: 20. August 2010 to the IME faculty at NTNU.

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