WEB-based SYStems -- Time-to-market vs. Reliability




WEBSYS has stated the following goals:

Overall goal

The main objective of WEBSYS is to develop high-quality research competence and concrete guidelines for the industrial development of timely and reliable Web-based systems.


Specific objectives related to competence are: 

G1: Better understanding of the software process and related technologies that concerns how to make trade-offs between the Time To Market (TTM) and reliability in web-based systems. The work will focus on empirical methods, data analysis and model building. We will increase our understanding through case studies and experiments. In addition we will study the possibilities offered by methods that can be used for requirement management and control, such as Quality Function deployment (QFD) and by methods already used for reliability prediction and estimation.

G2: Contribute to continuous improvement of the software development process in companies where reliability and TTM need to be considered together. By building on the knowledge gained through using empirical methods we will be able to tailor the necessary improvement activities to individual companies’ needs. This will depend – among other things – on their application area, environment stability and available resources.

G3: Dissemination and exchange of knowledge gained. The aim is to disseminate PhD reports, research papers, technical reports, educational and presentation material etc. through the web, in own education and in appropriate national and international for a (e.g. strengthen the cooperation with ISERN).