Trondheim, 24 October 2008

1. Reidar Conradi et al., IDI, NTNU:
OSS and COTS activities in IDI's SU-group:

OSS = Open Source Software,
COTS = Commercial-Off-The-Shelf,
OTS = COTS + OTS = Off-The-Shelf.

===> SU group's wiki on OSS<====

* OSS Contacts and Addresses (.html)

* (NEW) Reidar Conradi and Muhammad Ali Babar:
"Controlled Experiments on Pair Programming (PP): Making Sense of Heterogeneous Results", Norsk Informatikk-konferanse (NIK'2010), Høgskolen i Gjøvik, Gjøvik, 22-24 Nov. 2010, 24 slides.    (.doc -- 246 KB)    (.pdf from .doc -- 69 KB)    (.ppt slides -- 493 KB)

* (NEW) Reidar Conradi et al., NTNU:
"After EVISOFT in 2011??", EVISOFT final project meeting, NFR, Oslo, 18-19 Nov. 2010, 6 slides.   (.ppt -- 99 KB)

* Reidar Conradi and Daniela S. Cruzes, NTNU:
"Current OSS activities at NTNU", NORDICOSS meeting, Uppsala University, 4 Nov. 2010, 9 slides.   (.ppt -- 135 KB)    (.pdf -- 85 KB)

* Reidar Conradi and Daniela S. Cruzes, NTNU:
"Cross-disciplinary challenges in Open Source Software (OSS)", R&D track, GoOpen 2010 conference attn/ Friprogsenteret, 19-20 April 2010, Aker brygge, Oslo, Norway, 34 slides.   (.ppt -- 2467 KB)    (.pdf -- 832 KB).

* Reidar Conradi et al., IDI, NTNU:
"Software Engineering (SU) group at IDI: status and future plans", IDI planning seminar, 10 May 2010, hotell Prinsen, Trondheim", 17 slides.   (.ppt -- 316 KB)

* (NEW) Reidar Conradi and Muhammad Ali Babar:
"Controlled Experiments on Pair Programming: Making Sense of Heterogeneous Results", submitted as a short paper to ESEM'2010, Bolzano, Italy, 16-17 Sept. 2010, 4 pp.   (.doc -- 144 KB)      (.pdf -- 53 KB).

* (NEW) Reidar Conradi and Mohammad Ali Babar:
"Evidence Based Software Engineering: ¨rigor vs. relevance revisited - a study of published systematic reviews", draft paper, NTNU and ITU, 4 and 15 pp.   (.doc -- 51 KB)    (.doc -- 609 KB)

* (NEW) Reidar Conradi and ??:
"Requirement Engineering ??", draft paper, NTNU and ITU, 4 pp.   (.doc -- 69 KB)

* (NEW) Reidar Conradi (scribe):
"Resume on OSS with NOKIA??", draft resume from meeting between NTNU and NOKIA, Oslo, 11 June 2010, 2 pp.   (.html -- 15?? KB)

* Tore Dybå - SINTEF ICT, Dag Sjøberg - Ifi at UiO, Reidar Conradi - IDI at NTNU:
"RISE - Research in Software Engineering (draft proposal for Senter for Innovasjon at NFR w/ deadline 21 April 2010), 15 Dec. 2009, 10 slides. Download RISE slides (.ppt -- 203 KB).

* Reidar Conradi, IDI, NTNU et al.:
"Contact meeting on OSS between Simula and NTNU, 7 Dec. 2009, Fornebu (Oslo)", 49 slides. Download NTNU's OSS slides (.ppt -- 1201 KB).

* Reidar Conradi, IDI, NTNU et al.:
"MAIN-SOFT VERDIKT project grant proposal on maintenance of OSS-based systems, 25 Nov. 2009, 11 p. Download MAIN-SOFT text (.pdf -- 397 KB).

* Morten Amundsen, Friprog, 10 June 2009:
Ideas on an OSS activity list (.html -- ?? KB).

* Reidar Conradi et al., 25 May 2009:
StatOSS: proposal for an Open Source Software initiative and project at Statoil, NTNU-Statoil contact meeting, 25 May 2009, NTNU, 4 slides (.ppt -- 210 KB).

* Juhoo Puhakka, MKK, Feb. 2009:
Download slide presentation on Open Source Business Models, GoOpen'09, 16-17 April 2009, Oslo (.pdf -- 607 KB).

* Reidar Conradi, IDI og Alf Steinar Sætre, IØK - begge NTNU:
Download proposal for innovation session for GoOpen'09, 16-17 April 2009 (.html -- 1 KB).

* Reidar Conradi, M. Letizia Jaccheri, Alf Inge Wang, alle IDI, 16 March 2009:
Download proposal on OSS as a new theme in NFR's VERDIKT program for 2009-2014 (.pdf -- 178 KB).

* Reidar Conradi, IDI et al. and Alf Steinar Sætre, IØK - both NTNU:
"Contact meeting on OSS between Telenor and NTNU, 18 Dec. 2008, Fornebu (Oslo)", 42 slides. Download Telenor-NTNU OSS presentation (.ppt -- 1008 KB).

* Reidar Conradi and Claudia Ayala, IDI, NTNU:
"Open Source vs. Novel Business and Innovation Paradigms", FriProg meeting, Vollen i Asker, 27. Oct. 2008. Download Presentation (.ppt -- 692 KB)

* Reidar Conradi, IDI and Alf Steinar Sætre, IØK - both NTNU:
OSSIS - Open Source Software & Industrial innovation Success factors, FP-project description for the VERDIKT ICT program of the Norwegian Research Council, 16 Oct. 2008, 13 p.
Download OSSIS project proposal (.pdf -- 217 KB).

* Reidar Conradi, Øyvind Hauge, Letizia Jaccheri, and Eskil Sund:
"Open Source Research at NTNU", Ez Nordic Open conference, 19-20 June, 2008, Skien, Norway. Download Presentation (.ppt -- 610 KB)

* Reidar Conradi:
The origins of OSS: some snapshots of Internet history.

* Reidar Conradi:
Proposal for a PhD-researcher school on Open Source Software at IDI, March 2008.

APPENDIX A: attn/ Reidar Conradi, IDI at NTNU, 12 Feb. 2008 some relevant OSS material in the sw.eng. group.

1.1 Why engage more in OSS activities?

Do solid empirical research on OTS technologies and their industrial application.
Try to jointly start some new R&D projects, in order to hire PhD students and postdocs to do such research:

2. Main research results in COTS/OSS/reuse so far

Generally on reuse: or rather called systematic reuse.

2.1 Reuse advantages, general
- lower cost,
- shorter lead-time or time-to-market,
- higher quality,
- higher standards compliance,
- more modern architecture, and
- possible inclusion in a supportive net-community of matching reusers.

2.2 Two main reuse tasks: development FOR reuse (making an investment in reusable assets) vs. development WITH reuse (reusing previously made assets):

2.3 Meta-information

Need meta-info to classify and later retrieve and evaluate the stored software assets/components. Four axes of classification attributes:

There is a generic problem with insufficient and unreliable documentation of especially the non-functional and non-technical aspects. But even for functional attributes, a formal API of a component does not normally document hidden or internal components dependencies: E.g. that a new ComponentA will require Version.2 of a DBMS named xxx, while existing ComponentB already uses Version.1 of this DBMS - and your technical support refuses to maintain more than one such version.

2.1 Possible user roles for handling OTS components:

3. Empirical studies of COTS and OSS mainly by NTNU in 2002-2008

3.1 (paper by Basili and Boehm on COTS usage)

See IEEE Computer 1999.

3.2 Initial study on COTS vs. OSS by Morisio and Torchiano in 2002:

3 Norwgian and 4 Italian SMEs. See IEEE Software 2004.

3.3 Attitudes to software reuse in three Norwegian companies in 2002-2003

See PROFES 2003.

3.4 Prestudy from 2003 on COTS usage, autumn 2003:

Forstudie i 2003 som strukturert intervju. 16 utviklere i 13 bedrifter, convenience sample.

Was meant to follow-up a pre-version of the IEEE Software paper from 2004 by Morisio/Torchiano.
This COTS prestudy in 2003 with 16 respondents showed that the COTS integration process involved:

Innsikter: meget få bruker formell eval.metode, alle bruker initielt nettsøk, kan kombineres med (enhver) forhåndsbestemt utviklingsmodell, trenger komponent-"onkel" for å følge opp en komponent, tradisjonelle kvalitetsegenskaper (pålitelighet osv.) ikkke noe problem i praksis.

Jingyue Li, Finn Olav Bjørnson, Reidar Conradi, and Vigdis By Kampenes: "An Empirical Study of Variations in COTS-based Software Development Processes in Norwegian IT Industry", Journal of Empirical Software Engineering, 11(3):433-461, 2006, ISSN 1382-3256 (selected papers from IEEE Metrics'04).

Missing: interview guide, transcriptions, ...

3.5 Main survey from 2004 on COTS/OSS usage:

  • Hovedsurvey i 2004 med spørreskjema-utfylling på webtjener.

    Ca. 150 utviklere i Norge, Tyskland og Italia, stratified-random sample. Ekstra innsikter: vanskelig å estimere feilfinnings (f.eks. ligger feil i egen eller importert kode?) og integrasjonsarbeid.
    Starter med "vanlig" nettsøk, kan kombineres med enhver forhåndsbestemt utviklingsmodell, trenger komponent-"onkel" for å følge opp en komponent.

    Our main OTS study in 2004 (ca. 150 respondents in Norway, Germany and Italy) showed that:

    Main paper:
    Jingyue Li, Reidar Conradi, Christian Bunse, Marco Torchiano, Odd Petter N. Slyngstad, and Maurizio Morisio: "A State-of-the-Practice Survey on Risk Management in Development with Off-The-Shelf Software Components", IEEE Transactions of Software Engineering (TSE), 34(2):271-286 (Feb. 2008), ISSN 0098-5589.

    Med forskningsdessign + questionnaire:
    Bare questionnaire:

    Missing: design document, questionnaires (in many languages: English, Norwegian, German, Italian + later Chinese), .xls files, ...

    3.6 Industrial seminar to discuss OTS survey findings, Feb. 2005:

    See paper by Li et al. 2005??.

    3.7 Follow up with survey respondents, 2006:

    See forthcoming paper by Li et al. in IEEE software??.

    3.8 Another OSS survey in China, 2006:

    See forthcoming paper by ?? in SPIP journal.

    Also unprocessed repetition of European OTS survey: ??.

    3.9 Another survey of outsourcing in China, 2006

    Also see forthcoming paper by ?? in SPIP journal.

    3.10 1st COSI OSS study, 2006

    1st COSI OSS study, 2006 - by Øyvind Hauge et al.
    See OSS 2007 paper.

    Missing: questionnaire, ...

    3.11 2nd ITEA/COSI OSS study, 2007

    Andre COSI-undersøkelse fra 2007 v/ Øyvind Hauge et al., kommer på OSS'2008 i Milano, omtalt av Zak Geant fra Mozilla corp. på GoOpen i Oslo 8. april 2008.

    Øyvind Hauge, Carl-Fredrik Sørensen, and Reidar Conradi: "Adoption of Open Source in The Software Industry", IFIP WG 2.13 Conference on Open Source Systems (OSS 2008) - - in conjunction with 20th World Computer Congress, 7-10. Sept. 2008, Milano, Italia, accepted as full paper, 11 p., in Proceedings in Springer LNCS/IFIP series.

    Missing: questionnaire, ...

    3.12 Some related studies: NTNU masters thesis and IKT-Norge surveys:

    In general, see also: (master theses) (int'l publications)

    File contents mostly from ~epos/cots/gallup/readme.txt:

    3.13 Linpro's OSS search-selection procedures, for norskCOSI project

    Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 15:50:01 +0200 (MEST)
    From: Reidar Conradi
    cc:,,,,, Subject: Felles eval.skjema for OSS-komponenter/systemer?


    Det viser seg at Martin R. Thorsen i Linpro ikke har gitt oss noe skriftlig materiale om sitt eval.oppleggg for OSS-komponenter. Vi prøver nå å innhente info om dette. I mellomtiden sender vi lenker til noe beslektet materiale.

    - reidar

    4. Preliminary ideas on a pragamatic web-base of empirical artifacts

    Need a small experience base on web here, so start this work now. See new catalog but now incorporated in (this file).
    Also apply Wiki technology. Ex. possible study attributes: check CONTEX paper from Simula!
      Study name and ID
      Study when and where
      Study researchers and institution (who did it)
      Study relationship to other studies
      Study relationship to formalized project
      Study focus/goals (why we did it)
      Study type - experiment, case study, ... (overall approach)
      Study object - company, software documents, ... (on what)
      Study resources - labor/effort, competence, money, equipment, ...
      Study documents:
        1. research design: motivation, design, treatment, 
             population list and sample, practical planning, ...
        2. collected raw and processed data
        3. data analyses
        4. discussion, conclusions
        5. deliverables: tech reports, theses, published papers and books, slides,

    5. Past and Current R&D Projects at IDI on reuse and COTS/OSS

    1. 5.1 REBOOT - REuse by Object-Oriented Techniques, lead by Bull (FR) and 7 other partners, supported by EU. SINTEF/NTH contact was prof. Reidar Conradi
    2. Key REBOOT publications:

      • Guttorm Sindre, Reidar Conradi, and Even-André Karlsson: "The REBOOT Approach to Software Reuse", Journal of Systems and Software - special issue on software reuse, Vol. 30, No. 3, Sept. 1995, p. 201-212. SU-report 22/95.
        Download paper (.pdf)
      • Even-André Karlsson (Ed.): " Software Reuse: A Holistic Approach", ISBN 0 471-95489, John Wiley & Sons., 1995, 510 p. SINTEF/NTH responsible for Chs. 2 (Development FOR reuse), 3 (Library Organization) and 4 (Metrics).

    3. 5.2 Several other, related EU projects, like PROTEUS on software configuration management and RENAISSANCE on reengineering.

    4. 5.3 NorskCOSI - Co-development using inner and Open source in Software Intensive products, lead by IKT-Norge and supported by NFR. A part of a European, industrial R&D project in the ITEA program in 2006-2008 - prof. Reidar Conradi, PhD student and researcher Sven Ziemer (from April 2007), PhD student and researcher Thomas Østerlie, dr. Carl-Fredrik Sørensen (till 1.8.2007), PhD student Øyvind Hauge (financed by NTNU).
    5. Key norskCOSI papers:

    6. 5.4 EVISOFT - EVidence-based Improvement of SOFTware engineering. National, industrial improvement project, where OSS/COTS technologies are one of four basic technologies to be studied, in 2006-2010, lead by Geomatikk AS and with SINTEF, NTNU and Simula Research Lab., supported by NFR - prof. Reidar Conradi, prof. Tor Stålhane, PhD students Geir Kjetil Hanssen and Børge Haugseth (from July 2008)
    7. Key EVISOFT papers by IDI:

      • Geir Kjetil Hanssen: "Agile Software Development - Theory and Reality (Course, 4h.)", Tutorial at 13th European Software Process Improvement Conference (EuroSPI 2006), Joensuu, Finland, 11-13 October 2006, 80 slides.
        Download slides (.pdf -- 1910 KB)
      • Geir Kjetil Hanssen and Tor Erlend Fægri: "Agile Customer Engagement: a Longitudinal Qualitative Case Study", In Jose Carlos Maldonado and Claes Wohlin (Eds.): Proc. 5th ACM-IEEE Int'l Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering (ISESE'06), Rio de Janeiro, 21-22 September 2006, IEEE Press, ISBN 1-59593-218-6, p. 164-173.
        Download paper (.pdf -- 237 KB)
      • Geir Kjetil Hanssen and Tor Erlend Fægri: "Process Fusion: An Industrial Case Study on Agile Software Product Line Engineering", accepted for special Issue of Journal of Systems and Software (JSS), ISSN 0164-1212, 2007, 22 p.
        Download paper (.pdf -- 129 KB)
      • Tor Erlend Fægri and Geir Kjetil Hanssen: "Collaboration and process fragility in evolutionarily product development", IEEE Software 24(3):96-104, May/June 2007, ISSN 0740-7459.
        Download paper (.pdf -- 512 KB)

    8. 5.5 INCO - INcremental and COmponent-based development (OSS and COTS), Simula Research Lab. and NTNU, 2001-2005, supported by NFR - prof. Reidar Conradi, postdoc Marco Torchiano, PhD students Parastoo Mohagheghi and Jingyue Li.
    9. Key INCO papers on development-for-reuse:

    10. 5.6 SEVO - Software EVOlution in Component-based Systems, NTNU, 2004-2008, supported by NFR - prof. Reidar Conradi, PhD student Odd Petter Slyngstad, PhD students Anita Asok Gupta and postdoc Jingyue Li.
    11. Key INCO/SEVO papers on COTS/OSS and development-with-reuse:

    12. 5.7 Empirical Software Engineering (ESE), with focus on Action Research in OSS teams and projects, internally supported by IDI, 2003-2007 - prof. Letizia Jaccheri (resp.) prof. Reidar Conradi, PhD student Thomas Østerlie.
    13. Supplementing information on Jaccheri's OSS activities.

      Key ESE papers on OSS action research / development-for-reuse:

    6. Research partners, in general

    Univ. Kaiserslautern, Politecnico di Milano, Free University of Amsterdam, Technical University of Catalonia, Univ. Maryland - and others.

    6. Some external actors, networks, and activities around OSS

    7. NTNU courses around OSS

    9. Some OSS researchers at IDI

    Reidar Conradi - per 23. April 2006, 11. Feb. 2008, 06 May 2008.

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