WEB-based SYStems -- Time-to-market vs. Reliability



Associated projects

1.       Associated Activities and Projects

In addition to this WEBSYS proposal and associated, university-funded research activities, we will try to co-ordinate WEBSYS with some of the following ongoing and planned initiatives:

  • PROFIT project, under the industrial PROGIT program at NFR.
    Co-ordinator: Tor Ulsund, Bravida. 6 MNOK per year for 2000–2002.
  • Other NFR industrial projects, like DAIM, co-ordinated by SINTEF.
  • Internal SPI projects in software–producing organisations, such as Computas, DnV, EDB/Telenor 4tel, EDB Fundator, EDB Novit, Genera, Ericsson, Kongsberg-Ericsson, Kongsberg-Spacetec, Statkonsult, Storebrand, Bravida Geomatikk etc. (aside from the three cooperating industrial partners). Contacts in all of these companies are already established, and the companies welcome further co-operation.
  • SFF-Fornebu, center of excellence in software engineering (2000-2010, under planning), joint IDI/NTNU and Ifi/UiO. Web-basesd systems are one of six chosen areas of study.
  • CAGIS basic research project at IDI (1997-2003), working on e.g. web-technologies to support cooperative activities by agentt/XML technologies.
  • MOWAHS basic research project at IDI (2001-2004, upstarting), to support mobile work across heterogeneous (web) environments.
  • INCO basic research project, joint by IDI /NTNU and IfI/UiO (2001-2004, upstarting), to support incremental and component-based development.
  • Cooperation with other Norwegian universities and colleges, e.g. through the existing NAWUS Norges-nettverk for education in software engineering [Sjøberg98].
  • Possible new international projects, e.g. within ESPRIT and ESSI. (About 20 EU projects have been conducted by NTNU, SINTEF and UiO in related areas since 1990).
  • Academic exchange, by international co-operation and exchange, e.g. with the Universities of Maryland (prof. Basili), Ottawa (prof. Briand), Southern California (prof. Boehm), Aachen (dr. Westfechtel), Kaiserslautern (prof. Rombach), Lund (prof. Wohlin), London (prof. Fenton), Manchester (prof. Warboys), Grenoble, (prof. Cunin), Lancaster (prof. Sommerville), Pisa (prof. Ambriola), Milano (prof. Fuggetta), Torino (dr. Morisio), Aarhus (prof. Mathiassen), and Glasgow (prof. Welland and Atkinson).
  • Also cooperation with international software engineering institutions is planned: FC-MD in Maryland, IESE in Kaiserslautern, and the ISERN network node managed from Kaiserslautern. In addition, we have ongoing contacts with international companies such as Q-Labs, Bull, Siemens, Matra, Cap Gemini, ICL, and Intecs. 

Note that WEBSYS is able to deliver relevant results, regardless of the mentioned industrial projects (e.g. PROFIT), but the total effect will be greater if we can involve more actors of this kind.