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Mohammad Ali Babar and Reidar Conradi: "Introduction to ISERN session on Systematic Literature Reviews (SLRs)", ISERN meeting, Bolzano, 13-14 Sept. 2010,

1. Some EBSE review papers from the official EBSE site:

1.1 EBSE papers - All Topics.
1.2 EBSE papers: Empirical Practices and Evidence - Interdisciplinary.
1.3 EBSE papers: Empirical Practices and Evidence - Software Engineering.
1.4 EBSE papers: Primary Studies - Methodology Trials.
1.5 EBSE papers: Secondary Studies - Application Reviews.
1.6 EBSE papers: Secondary Studies - Methodology Reviews.

2. NTNU material on EBSE

Summary: Upstart of EBSE review evaluation paper, with "secondary application review" papers.

2.1 Revised and extended list of candidate papers for evaluation of EBSE systematic reviews, per 09 Aug. 2009
(download as .html).

2.2 Comments on literary reference list in [Kitchenham90]
(download as .html).
The paper itself: [Kitchenham90] Barbara Kitchenham, O. Pearl Brereton, David Budgen, Mark Turner, John Bailey, Stephen Linkman, Systematic literature reviews in software engineering - A systematic literature review, Information and Software Technology, 51(1):7-15 (January 2009).
(download as .pdf -- 204 KB).

2.3 Thomas Østerlie, Reidar Conradi et al., EBSE meta-meta paper regarding systematic reviews - possibly for ICSE'10, deadline 15. Sept. 2009 - per 09 Aug. 2009
(download confidential draft as .doc).
(download confidential draft as .ppt).

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