Reidar Conradi, Software Engineering (SE) Group (Ed.): Hints for scientific writing and searching, sw.eng. glossary, standards and literature

IDI, NTNU, 10 Feb. 2004 (V0; last revision on 2. June 2008)

Some useful web sites: Software Engineering Group at IDI, NTNU, Trondheim and The Simula Research Lab., Oslo.

For general info on Ph studies at NTNU and Univ. Oslo (all in Norwegian):
- Standardforskrift for graden dr.philos ved NTNU, per 27. feb. 2008 (.pdf),
- FOR 2003-05-22 nr 655: Forskrift for graden philosophiae doctor (PhD) ved Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet (NTNU) (.html),
- Generelle regler for PhD-studier ved IME-fakultetet,
- Lokale regler for nytt PhD-program i IKT ved IME-fakultetet, fra 17 Nov. 2003, rev. i 2004 (.html),
- Lokale tilleggsregler ved IDI for IMEs PhD-program, endelig vedtatt 23. mars 2004,
- Presisering av PhD-regler for IDI, per 30 nov. 2004, and
- Regelverk og søknadskjema for doktorgradsutdanningen ved UiO.
- Til info: Regler for omregning fra tallkarakter til bokstavkarakter,
- Guide to registration of scientific publications in the national Frida repository.

1. Preliminary hints for paper and thesis writing

2. How to complete a PhD study: research process and thesis writing

3. Some relevant master and PhD courses on research methods

4. How to write good technical English

5. ESE literature: bibliographies, definitions, portals and web sites

Most of this has been fetched from the ESERNET portal at www.esernet.org, edited by Claes Wohlin as of 10 Nov. 2003.

5.1 Glossary of common SE definitions and surveys of research methods

5.2 Lists of articles, many of which can be downloaded in pdf:

The two first entries are also mentioned under point 1.

5.3 Portals and search engines for CS/SE publications:

5.4 General libraries, web sites, portals and search engines

6. Overview and Collected articles on empirical studies

6.1 Types of empirical studies

Reidar Conradi: "Research in Software Engineering - methods, theories, ... basta o cerchiamo?" (.ppt 404 KB), SE group PhD-seminar, 23 Nov. 2007, 50 p.; rev. 2 Dec. 2007, 53 p.

Parastoo Mohagheghi and Reidar Conradi: "Overview of different types of empirical studies" -- excerpt of original text in forthcoming JESE paper (5 p. -- .doc).
Parastoo Mohagheghi and Reidar Conradi: "Overview of different types of empirical studies" -- reworked text but still preliminary" (.html).

Reidar Conradi (Ed.): "Some Literature on (mainly) Qualitative Research Methods" (2 p. -- .html).

EVISOFT project: Resume from Researcher Seminar for EVISOFT project, 18-19 April 2007, Kongsvoll.

Resume *****************'' scratch.

This file: http://www.idi.ntnu.no/grupper/su/publ/ese/ese-hints-glossary-publications.html.

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