7.3    Concluding Remarks

To provide some concluding remarks on chapter 7, the main research question from section 1.2.2 is recalled:
Main Research Question 

How is and should enterprise modeling be performed when the main purpose of modeling is to support human sense-making and communication? 

The first part of the main research question (the is part) calls for an account of contemporary enterprise modeling practice. This call has been answered by the empirical studies, and most notably by the study of the technology strategy project reported in chapter 6. Chapter 7 provides a distillation of the observations presented in chapter 6, supported by occasional observations from chapter 2 and interpretations of other researchers' work whenever considered appropriate.

The second part of the main research question (the should part) is the focus of part IV, where a methodical framework for enterprise modeling is proposed. Still, in order to be in accordance with observed practice, the framework is based on the assertions made in the current chapter. In this way, the principles play a role both as a summary of observed practice and a basis for proposed practice.