9    A Pool of Techniques for Enterprise Modeling

In chapter 8, a framework for team-based enterprise modeling Tema was outlined. A core component in the model development phase was a pool of techniques for construction of enterprise models and subsidiary artifacts.

Chapter 9 provides a more thorough presentation and discussion of each of the techniques proposed to comprise the pool. The presentation outlines the essentials of each technique, their roles and importance, and how they may fit together. The chapter is not intended as a tutorial on the techniques (references to more appropriate literature are provided for that purpose).

The intention of the chapter is to concretize the development phase of Tema, answering the should part of the main research question and meeting RO2 from section 1.2.2.

9.1 Introduction to the Pool of Techniques
9.2 Outline of the Pool of Techniques
9.2.1 Brainstorming
9.2.2 Term characterization
9.2.3 Concept clustering
9.2.4 Dependency analysis
9.2.5 Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
9.2.6 Deployment Flow Charting
9.2.7 OPPO assessments
9.2.8 Model explanation
9.2.9 Construction of narratives
9.2.10 Construction of metaphors
9.2.11 Group reflection
9.3 Some Dependencies Between Techniques
9.4 Concluding Remarks