9.1    Introduction to the Pool of Techniques

The following techniques were introduced in section 8.3.2: Not all of the techniques are renowned or established qua techniques, and can rather be characterized as limited tasks with clearly defined products or effects that are to be produced. Still, they will all be referred to as techniques. The main characteristic in common to the techniques is that they are relatively easy to learn, and effective as stand-alone tools to make sense of specific aspects of problem situations. Selection of the techniques for the pool is based on observations from the strategy project, personal experience, and experience reported elsewhere (e.g., Singh and Lewis, 1995; Christiansen, 1993; Senge et al., 1994; Boland and Tenkasi, 1995). Another property in common is that they are not internally dependent to a degree where one technique must follow another. They can be used in many different situations and sequences, together or stand-alone.