11.4    Concluding Remarks

Looking back at the initial motivation for studying enterprise modeling provided in section 1.1, a general call for improved awareness about aspects of the enterprise among organizational actors was made. Overall understanding in order to do a job, empowerment, and individual motivation and satisfaction were offered as arguments for this improved awareness.

From the empirical studies, the "overall understanding to do a job" argument has been the most prominent. In all four studies, the project teams have described the enterprise with the purpose of reaching a shared understanding that may work as a basis for making decisions the models are used to make sense of further action (be it a project portfolio, restructuring of work processes, or development of a strategy).

Without any concrete measures, the general benefits of enterprise modeling are hard to assess. Still, the perceived needs for enterprise modeling repeatedly stated in the empirical studies indicate that this is an area of growing interest and importance in the years to come.