Simula Research Lab, a national Center of Excellence -- software engineering part


Simula Research Lab is a national "Center of Excellence" and has four subcenters: Software Engineering, Networks and Distributed Systems, Scientific Computing, and industrial Innovation (see below). It is supported by the Norwegian Research Council with 45 MNOK per year in 2001-2010. From a gradual usptart in spring 2001, it has from Jan. 2002 been located at IT-Fornebu 10 km west of Oslo, and has a a small subsidiary in Trondheim.

Responsibles for Software Engineering part: prof. Dag Sjøberg at UiO (director). Affiliated NTNU persons: prof. Reidar Conradi (visiting professor) and prof. Letizia Jaccheri (visiting professor).

More on the Simula Research Lab

Context: the old Fornebu airport 10 km west of Oslo will be converted into an IT center with 15,000 people. Telenor (Norwegian Telecom) with 9000 people will be the biggest actor. As part of this, there will be a national center of excellence, called the Simula Research Lab. Its annual budget is 45 mill. kr (7 kr = 1 US$ per 2003), coming from the Norwegian Research Council.

In spring-autumn 2000 there were eight solicited proposals for sub-centers. The first to be selected was one in Software Engineering, with participation Univ. of Oslo (prof. Dag Sjøberg). and NTNU (prof. Reidar Conradi). The two others are in Networks and Distributed Systems (attn prof. Frank Eliassen) and Scientific Computing (attn. prof. Aslak Tveito et al.), both lead by Univ. Oslo. There is als a subcenter for industrial and R&D-based Innovation. The overall scientific manager is prof. Morten Dæhlen from Univ. Oslo.

So, who are interested in participating, as a postdoc, guest researcher/professor etc.?

Larger presentation of sw.eng. center of 27.6.2000 in English (.pdf generated from .ppt file) and similar in Norwegian (fancy .htm).

Morten Dæhlen: Preliminary mission statement for SIMULA center, Autumn 2001 (in Norwegian, .pdf).

Concerning the origin of the SIMULA language, see Jan Rune Holmevik: "Compiling SIMULA: A Historical Study of Technological Genesis", IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, 16(4):25-37 (1273 KB - .pdf).

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