WEB-based SYStems -- Time-to-market vs. Reliability



Work plan

The project consists of three research groups, at NTNU, SINTEF and UiO, and three industry partners: Alcatel Distribution, Mogul and Consult IT. Together, these groups constitute a virtual centre for Web-based systems development and empirical software engineering. We will conduct ongoing empirical studies within the participating industrial companies, including formal experiments, case studies / pilot projects, and interviews. The themes will be research-oriented, thus supplementing the more pragmatic pilots in PROGIT-projects.

There will be joint, project meetings every 3rd month. We will also arrange a new national seminar series on WEBSYS themes every year, co-ordinated with e.g. the ones by the PROGIT-projects PROFIT, DAIM, and similar. The research will be made available in PhD and MSc theses, guidelines, reports, internationally published articles, seminar presentations, and in revised university courses (including NAWUS and EEU-courses). A web-node will be present the activities and results of the project.

The work plan consists of four major phases

Phase 1 (mainly month 8 - 12, 2002):

Definition of hypotheses and planning of empirical studies in companies, including experiment design, literature review/identification of related work.

Phase 2 (mainly month 1 - 12, 2003):

Collection of measurements, data analysis, preliminary results, technical reports and workshop papers

Phase 3 (mainly month 1 - 7, 2004):

Revision of models and hypotheses, further measurements/validation/results, workshop and conference papers, and produce material for industrial and academic courses.

Phase 4 (mainly month 8, 2004 to month 7, 2005):

Consolidation of results: final WEBSYS report, conference and journal papers, presentation of final results, final material for industrial and academic course. 

In practice, these phases will be partly overlapping in time because the PhD students may start at different times, the empirical studies will have varying length, etc.