3D object retrieval via range image queries based on SIFT descriptors on panoramic views

The increasing availability of low-cost 3D scanners is resulting in the creation of large repositories of 3D models. Low-cost 3D range scanners in particular can also be used to capture partial views of real 3D objects which can then act as queries over 3D object repositories. This paper concerns a new methodology for 3D object retrieval based on range image queries which represent partial views of 3D objects. SIFT descriptors based on panoramic views are used to address this problem. The proposed method is evaluated against state-of-the-art works on a standard dataset.

Sfikas K., I. Pratikakis and T. Theoharis, “3D Object Retrieval via Range Image Queries based on SIFT descriptors on Panoramic Views“, Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval, 2012