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IDI Student Team in the Programming World Finals

IDI Student Team in the Programming World Finals

The Java the ^ programming team consisting of students Rune Fevang, Magnus Kristiansen and Ruben Spaans placed 1st among student teams in the Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest 2007 (2nd overall), 2nd in the Northwestern European Programming Contest 2007 and reached a shared 47th place in the International Collegiate Programming Contest 2008 world finals.

They placed 1st among students (2nd overall) in IDI Open 2008, a programming contest arranged at NTNU. At the IDI Open award ceremony they received extra acclaim for their excellent achievement of reaching the world finals.

The team members feel that participating in the world finals was a great experience, and wish the team could compete again next year. Unfortunatly, two team members are already in their 5th study year and will no longer be eligible students next year.

Photos from IDI Open 2008 and the World Final.

By: Tor Gunnar HÝst Houeland     Published: 21.04.2008     
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