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Certificates, Computer Games, Hot Dogs, and Research

Certificates, Computer Games, Hot Dogs, and Research

After receiving their certificates at the matriculations ceremony the Computer Science and Informatic students participated in the computer game competitions outside F1 in the IT building.

There were three computer game competitions as well as two research stands set up to entertain both new students and staff members. Free soda, hot dogs, and advice were served at the lawn outside.

View the photos from the event.

The winner of each computer game competition received a 1000.- NOK gift certificate from Those who came 2nd and 3rd received two cinema tickets each.

Mario Cart

  1. Knut Løklingholm
  2. Ida Vilhelmiina Oltedal
  3. Eivind Kvissel

Gitar Hero

  1. Torkjell Skogly
  2. Andreas Hunderi
  3. Morten Brandvold


  1. Muhsin Günaydin
  2. Thomas Marstrander
  3. Andreas Landstad


By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 13.08.2008     
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