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<i>New</i> Computers to the Museum

New Computers to the Museum

Two storage rooms at Dragvoll, full of old computer equipment, had to be emptied before being put to new use. On wednesday 3rd of september a delegation from the computer museum at IDI set out to salvage gear, and brought back a car full of old and valuable computers.

The ND 100 Compact computer (in the photo) was one of many trophys from the rescue oparation. Even though it has compact in the name, it still took four men to carry it.

Ola Nordal is writing a book about the computer history at NTH/NTNU, and how the computer era evolved in Norway. The computer museum is a physical manifestation of his historical work, and unique in Norwegian context.

Photos from the event.

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By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 05.09.2008     
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