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The FAST <i>Family</i> won Technology Award

The FAST Family won Technology Award

During the Teknoport Awards held at the 22nd of October the winner of NTNU and SINTEF's Technology Award was announced. John M. Lervik represented FAST and the FAST family when the award was given to the 32 persons behind the search technology which has established Trondheim as the search capital of the world.

The FAST family consists of 32 members which include both employees and former employees at FAST, and employees at Microsoft and NTNU. The department wishes to congratulate all the winners. The award is worth 150 000 NOK and is given in the form of glass and graphic art.

Award description from the Technoport website:
This award from NTNU and SINTEF is for the application of advanced technology. Together NTNU and SINTEF represent one of the leading technological research environments in northern Europe. Their R&D has resulted in a range of new technologies in numerous fields where the work is often done in cooperation with industry. It takes daring to be the first to apply a new technology. This is why NTNU and SINTEF wish to honour the technological pioneers and help others to recognize the ability and drive that is required to be innovative and achieve breakthroughs.

The 32 members of the FAST family: Arne Halaas, Tor A. Ramstad, John Markus Lervik, Espen Brodin, Hugo Gunnarsen, Tor Egge, Olaf Birkeland, Øystein Torbjørnsen, Bjørn Olstad, Knut Magne Risvik, Eirik Knutsen, Aleksander Øhrn, Krister Mikalsen, Sven Arne Gylterud, Dag Johansen, Rolf Michelsen, Finn Arne Gangstad, Michael Susæg, John T. Sviland, Hans Rune Rønningen, Sveinar Rasmussen, Hans Gude Gudesen, Thomas Fussell, Robert N. Keith, David M. Burns, Silvija Seres, Camilla Granaasen Moen, Line Myrvold, Knut Aasrud, and Petter Merok. The last two are the department of computer and information science (IDI) and NTNU's IT section, for their contributions.

Photos from Teknoport Awards 2008. (Flickr)

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By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 24.10.2008     
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