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The Electronic Health Records Laboratory

The Electronic Health Records Laboratory

As of 28th of October the new Electronic Health Records Laboratory (EHR Lab) is official. The EHR Lab will be used by informatics researchers working on improving the ability to reuse valuable clinical information stored within medical documentation.

EHRs contain vital signs, diagnostic tests results, social and family history, prescriptions, and physical examination findings. The aim of studies conducted at EHR Lab is to support clinical research and improve clinical decision making in daily practice. Through this type of informatics research, clinical trials can be performed in silico, and, for example, patient disease trajectories can be used to improve treatment planning. The main research themes include: text mining, data mining, biomedical ontologies, and predictive modeling techniques.

The EHR Lab is located at NSEP, the Norwegian EHR Research Centre. Contact Laura Slaughter or Øystein Nytrø for more information about how to participate in research at the EHR Lab.


By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 29.10.2008     
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