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The High Performance Computing Laboratory Opened

The High Performance Computing Laboratory Opened

The 28th of October, dean Arne Sølvberg of the IME Faculty officially opened the High Performance Computing (HPC) laboratory. More than 50 people attended the opening and demonstration of the HPC lab. Representatives from Schlumberger, Ceetron, the IO Center, and leaders from some NTNU departments were present at the opening ceremony.

Both the dean Arne Sølvberg, and head of the department Kjell Bratbergsengen congratulated Anne C. Elster on her achievement. Anne has managed to create a HPC laboratory with little local funding through the support from commercial companies like NVIDIA, which has provided the high performance NVIDIA Tesla graphics cards to the HPC computers.

The new computers at the HPC laboratory are custom made with huge fans to run silently. Silence is important since they are not to be put away in server rooms. The cabinets  selected provide easy access to all the hardware components in order to make swapping of hardware easy.

Photos from the opening ceremony (Flickr).

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By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 29.10.2008     
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