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NVIDIA Donations for Research

NVIDIA Donations for Research

Anne C. Elster recently received further donations from NVIDIA through their Professor Partnership Progam. This latest donation has an estimated retail value in the excess of NOK 150 000, and will aid the Department's research at the High Performance Computing (HPC) and the Visualisation laboratories.

The donation consists of a NVIDIA Tesla S1070 1U GPU computing server and two NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 graphic cards. The Quadro cards will be used on both Elster's HPC-lab and Torbjørn Hallgren's Visualisation-lab.

NVIDIA's Tesla series GPUs are intended for high performance computing and can aid in simulations, large scale calculations (especially floating-point operations), and image generation for science and engineering.

The NVIDIA Tesla S1070 computing server has 960 prosessor cores, which enables it to outperform recent general processors. The new server will complement the two NVIDIA Tesla C1060 cards and the other high-end graphic cards donated by NVIDIA to Anne Elster and her HPC-lab last fall.

Anne Elster

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 21.01.2009     
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