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Where Students Grow

Where Students Grow

Friday 11th of September, the new collaboration space for our department's students was officially opened. The name Drivhuset means greenhouse, and it is ment as a collabaration space for coming together, sharing together, working together, and succeeding together.

The room has innovative solutions and workareas to stimulate group work and creative processes. A concept of Drivhuset is to bring the green of the garden outside and the light of the summer into the room. The differences between the former computer lab and Drivhuset are significant.

Drivhuset is the outcome of the collaborative work of our students, our former leadership, and designer Urd Schjetne. Drivhuset was opened by acting Head of Department, Guttorm Sindre. Roger Midtstraum and Urd Schjetne then talked about the processes leading to what became Drivhuset.

View the photos from the event (Flickr).

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By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 14.09.2009     
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