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Violence in Video Games

Violence in Video Games

Associate Professor Alf Inge Wang has been interviewed by Schrödingers Katt about violence in video games. Alf Inge gives the expert opinion about a recent review which strongly suggests that playing video games increases aggresive thoughts and behaviour, and decreases empathy.

The review by Craig A. Anderson is a statistical analysis of 130 studies, which cover more than 130,000 gamers from elementary school age to collage in the USA, Europe and Japan. In the interview Alf Inge also describes how the advancement of video games technology can affect the gamer through improved graphics, animation, feedback, and new types of game controls.

The Schrödringers Katt episode will be sent at 19:45 on Thursday 8th of April, at NRK1.

Schrödingers Katt is a Norwegian popular science TV program which saw the light of day on 8th of February, 1990. The average number of viewers in 2009 was 521,000. Schrödingers Katt is aired on Thursdays by NRK1.

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By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 08.04.2010     
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