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Codeslinging Contest

Codeslinging Contest

On Saturday 17th of April, the IDI Open 2010 programming contest took place at NTNU with a record number of 92 teams and 250+ participants joining the event  - compared to 58 teams in 2009.

Of the 92 teams; 71 competed on site, and 21 competed online from as far away as Århus in Denmark, the University of Bergen, the University of Oslo, as well as some of the high school invitees who did not make it to Trondheim due to the volcanic action on Iceland.

The winners of IDI Open 2010 was the professional antialize-gmark-koda team from Århus, which solved eight of ten problems. They were closely followed by the student team from NTNU kreativt lagnavn (Håkon Hitland, Andreas Oppebøen, and Sverre Haga) which solved seven of the ten problems.

The best freshmen team (1. grade at NTNU) was 2b||!2b (Christer Bru, Jean Niklas L’orange, and Vegard Edvardsen). The best on site professional team was The Empire Strikes FAST (Ingar Saltvik and Børge Nordli), and the best High School team was Wombros (Jonas Sandberg and Karl Erik Holter). Details can be found at the IDI Open high score list.

The kreativt lagnavn student team from NTNU has become the favorite for qualifying for the NWERC (Northwestern European Regional Contest) this autumn.

All on site teams solved at least one problem. Two of the problems remained unsolved throughout the contest, and one problem was only solved by the Århus team. 40 teams tried solving the Typing Monkey problem through 121 attempts, but none was even close.

IDI congratulate the winners, and hope all the contestants had fun programming.

Photos from IDI Open 2010 (Flickr).

Anne C. Elsters photos from the award ceremony, and the event (Flickr).

By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 19.04.2010     
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