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IBM's Open Collaborative Research Award

IBM's Open Collaborative Research Award

Friday 7th of May, NTNU received the international Open Collaborative Research (OCR) award from IBM. The OCR award is intended for faculty at leading universities worldwide, who gain access to IBM research personnel and receive a cash donation of $100,000 USD per year for two years. The OCR award aims to promote research collaboration for solving complex challenges facing both the world at large and the commercial sector.

NTNU is the first Norwegian university to receive this award. Since 2006 a selected few institutions has received the award on a worldwide basis. Georgia Institute of Technology, Rutgers University, and Columbia University are some of the prestigious institutions that have won the award.

NTNU Rector, Torbjørn Digernes, received the OCR award on behalf of NTNU from CEO of IBM Norway, Morten Thorkildsen at a meeting on Friday. Most of the award money will be channeled into the Center for Integrated Operations, where NTNU and IBM collaborate to develop support technology for the Norwegian oil industry.

The OCR award program supports strategically important research collaboration between IBM and leading universities across a wide range of areas within Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and other areas where open collaboration accelerate innovation and benefit the world at large.

The program promotes development of open source software, related industry standards, and greater interoperability between systems. The fruits from the collaboration between IBM and NTNU will be open - meaning the results will be freely available, and publicly shared to maximum the opportunity for others to build on the results.

IBM's OCR award is a way of aiding the world as our planet is facing great challenges in the coming decades. Issues like global climate changes and higher density in urban areas, create needs for smarter solutions within areas like water management systems, infrastructure, health care, and energy sources - to name a few. Academia, industry, and governments should collaborate openly to adapt to the changes and ensure a sustainable future through innovative solutions.

Rector Torbjørn Digernes stated that he was very pleased that the IBM and NTNU co-operation agreement from Desember 2009 already had resulted in this recognition of one of NTNU's research communities - NTNU needs partners like IBM, to solve our national responsibilities.

CEO of IBM Norway, Morten Thorkildsen, said it is pleasing to include NTNU as an OCR award winner. He stated that the co-operation with NTNU in Norway already has resulted in technology advancements within the oil and gas industry, and collaborations to find smart solutions within other areas. IBM hopes the award contributes to further advancements in technology that can be developed in co-operation with Norwegian oil industry.

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By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 10.05.2010     
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