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IME Gratudation Ceremony

IME Gratudation Ceremony

Friday 4th of June, graduate students and staff members of the IME departments gathered in F1 for the annual IME Graduation Ceremony. This year most of the Computer Science and Informatic students wore the academic dress for the graduation ceremony. This is the first time that the academic dress is used at a Norwegian University.

The speakers for this year's students were Geir Ivar Soleng (Faculty Director), Geir Øien (Dean), Martin Fløystad (Graduation Student), and Vegard Wollan from Atmel.

After the speaches and the entertainment, the celebration carried on with refreshments in Elektrobygget.

Photos from the event (Flickr).

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By: Kai Torgeir Dragland     Published: 07.06.2010     
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